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Kitchen Cravings: The Top 7 Latest and Greatest Concepts in Kitchen Design

The kitchen was probably the most used room in your home during the pandemic. Time spent trying out new TikTok recipes, eating with family, baking sourdough or even working ‘in the office’ were all centered in the kitchen. It’s no surprise then that with so many new kitchen gadgets, appliances and innovative design ideas, the kitchen continues its rightful place as the heart of the home.

As any great kitchen designer will tell you, the concept to keep in mind when thinking about a kitchen is function. A well-designed kitchen keeps heavily used items close by, provides ample storage, allows for efficient workflow and considers ergonomics. An ideal kitchen minimizes movement, so you spend less time walking (and spilling things as you carry them to the sink or garbage), bending and reaching. It's essential to have a kitchen that fits your lifestyle and blend in well with the rest of the home. Many kitchens today are hybrid spaces of kitchen and open living areas or kitchens and outdoor spaces. Make sure the kitchen you design flows well with all the areas it touches.

So, whether you’re a happy at-home chef with a passion for entertaining or a busy professional who only Uber Eats, a well-designed kitchen is vital. It adds value to the home and creates a space where memories and made for family and friends. Let’s take a look at some of the latest and greatest kitchen design ideas we’ve been seeing:

  1. Hood hang time. Kitchen stovetop range hoods are taking center stage in modern kitchens. For decades they were very few options for range hoods and almost all of them were metal. Range hoods are becoming more uniform with the kitchen’s overall design. Some kitchen designers are encasing range hoods in tile or wood to match the backsplash and create one seamless design.

  2. Mixing mediums. Mixing steel, wood, and even mirrors is a distinct new kitchen aesthetic. Using only stainless steel or white ceramic tile for flooring, backsplashes and walls is shifting. Mixing materials for a unique look and feel is fresh and modern. The juxtaposition of steel and metal (cool) with wood tones (warm) brings a space to life.

  3. Wallpaper for the win. It’s making a comeback. With literally thousands of colors and designs to choose from, wallpaper can bring a distinctively modern look to a kitchen. Wallpaper is even being used in backsplashes. An invisible glass overlay can be used between the counter and the cabinets to protect it from water, grease and wear.

  4. Go away, gray. The color trend of all gray is starting to fade. Bright colors (think orange and even red) in kitchens are beginning to gain traction in the design world. Another design trend is mixing bright colors with dark surfaces. White in kitchens has been a trend for nearly forever, but modern kitchens embrace darker, warmer tones.

  5. It’s a serve. Serving windows are gaining in popularity. Typically connected to backyard patios or decks, they serve as pass-throughs between indoor and outdoor dining areas. Some even have short bar spaces with room for stool seating so guests can chat with their host as they work in the kitchen.

  6. Shelf for more than the elf. Open shelving concepts have had their moment, and many people shied away from having messy shelves out in the open. But they're finding a resurgence, and people are adding more than dishes to their shelves. Artwork, candles, plants and even photographs on open shelves in the kitchen are becoming a popular trend. Why store away the small collectibles you love? The kitchen is an ideal area to display more than cooking items.

  7. Party in the pantry. Pantries are a home chef's dream. There is a space for countertop appliances, specialty items, and, of course, food, all in a walk-in-style closet. What could be better? Well, actually, there is something better. Walk-in pantries are even getting their own level up when combined with laundry rooms. The pantry space becomes a one-stop area for the kitchen, laundry room and even small mudroom for storing shoes, coats and cleaning supplies. It's a great way to maximize space efficiently and keep the areas of your central kitchen clean and clutter-free.

Thinking of remodeling or just want to update some design elements? The Paulis design team can help you conceptualize your new kitchen. Call one of our experts today!



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